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About Me

Aba FAME is a Counselor, TV & Radio host, Worshipper, Entrepreneur, Revivalist and JESUS' cover girl.

Aba FAME holds degrees in communication studies and theology (Pastoral care and counselling). She is the founder of I Stand With Women ministry which is solely for women's empowerment through activities that empowers women physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It's has three chapters in three regions in Ghana namely Greater Accra, Ashanti and Central Region. The ministry also has chapters in other part of Africa; South Africa and Uganda and United Kingdom as well. I came about with this ministry because my aim or vision is to see every young woman live in purpose and also serving GOD in spirit and in truth mentally, emotionally,physically and spiritually.


I Stand With Women

We are an interdenominational group made up of a number of Christian ladies who are motivated through experience (Testimonies) prayer, love of God, love for humanity, a tender heart, counselling and the word of God as a foundation to encourage the youth and upcoming (ladies) who have been exposed to some unfriendly experiences and want to give up while they feel there is no way back to life in Christ.

femaffair With Aba FAME

femaffair With Aba FAME is an educative women’s program aimed at equipping the women of today with the information they require and need spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is instituted to influerence most myths regarding activities and behaviours of women because theyhave a great influence inour society.


we are each others keeper

Women were the only specie God took time to create separately. Women are the last borns of God during his creation. We were not created to add up to what was already created but we were created to compliment his representative on earth Adam and all that he had handed over to him


God in his own wisdom created humans in diversity from giftings to annointing and everything that enables humans to achieve in life if they put

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One of the most distracting things in life is social media activity. It’s three (3) things on social media, the good, the bad and the

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