If you are woman who is living her life anyhow, then I will plead you start living a life of purpose.
Nothing comes by chance. Everything comes with a price no matter how prayerful or godly you are.
You need to add diligence,hard work, sincerity, faithfulness, endurance, perseverance to all your deeds as you watch and pray.
It’s not too late to start something with your life. A woman with empty hands is a burden to her surroundings and society in general.
It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed. The most most important thing is your zeal to improve and learn from your mistakes all the time no matter how difficult and shameful it may become.
Always remember this, all reproach automatically gives way when you finally win the battle to acquire the title.
Trust GOD with your little. For little is much when GOD is in it.
This year, vow not to be a burden as a woman. But a contributor to the upliftment wherever you find yourself…
I love you, but JESUS loves you more!
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