Many at times we give up even before we start our journey of success. Because we refuse to look to the one who has called us. We try to build without the contractor who is an expert in what he has employed us for.

We are like foremen in a construction field. The contractor provides the needs to the job and counts on the foreman to execute the job with his men.
Now, the foreman can never succeed without relying on the contractor.

Many of us are struggling because we are not communicating with our contractor (JESUS) .He has called us and knows the ways and means in getting us materials to build.

Some of us are losing or have lost focus of the plan He has given us and are looking on the plan of others to build, which is affecting our original plan and the beauty of it thereof. We have lost the sense of uniformity and are just running unnecessary competition instead of focusing on our uniqueness.

Some of us are also refusing to call on the contractor for the way forward with materials, workmanship etc. we have given up because all this while we have made the project our own and looking around for help while there are provisions made at every phase of our buildings but it’s all from the contractor. Thus we need to keep updating by means of communication.

Where have you gotten to with your building project (Calling) ?

Are you in touch with your contractor?

How often do you report with update and request for materials?

Have you made the project your personal business hence the struggle to keep it going?

Well,I have some good news for you. No matter where you find yourself. Get in touch with your contractor (JESUS) for it’s not too late. HE gave you the contract and so he will provide at all cost for the project at hand.

If you have lost focus due to unhealthy competitions and have deformed, the original plan He gave you, dont worry, he still has the original plan so you are not totally lost. Just keep Him posted with the turn of events so you can quickly make amends to get back to your original state.

Life is a teacher, the more we live, the more we learn. Now the most important thing is about “WHAT’S NEXT AND NOT WHAT HAPPENED ”

Go back to your first love for he has been waiting. He has been waiting to throw a big party for your return. Don’t worry you haven’t lost your inheritance yet. A biological son is still a son no matter what.

I love you, but JESUS loves you more!



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