For most of us, if we should look back or be judged by our family backgrounds to qualify us for the grace upon us, We won’t qualify to be saved.

So, if you are here by grace, then all you need to do is to put all your faith in the one who has called you out of darkness into light and trust him for total protection and guidance.

• What makes you think that His grace isn’t sufficient for every aspect of your life?

• What makes you think that some issues are so difficult for YAHWEH to handle. You have suddenly forgotten the numerous times that grace spoke for you without meriting it?

• Why would you think that God will bring you this far to leave you in the hands of your enemies to devour you ?

• How will this glorify Him?

If all your answers to the questions above is no, then voila! You are on the winning side. Just keep trusting and obeying at all times for He who has called you is faithful.

The grace upon your life has it’s own way of fulfilling its purpose. Just learn to trust the process so you can get to learn all you have to for future purposes.

Always remember that He didn’t bring you this far to leave you stranded.

I love you, but JESUS loves you more!




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