Many at times we forget who we are, our very purpose of existence and get swayed or go off track.
The world is moving in such way and manner that it takes our heart and a determined mind to keep straight in achieving purpose in all dignity.
It will cost you to live in purpose. It will cost you your friends, loved ones and sometimes even family. There’s definitely a price to pay to live in purpose. Like, it is always said, nothing worthwhile comes that easy.

There are a few of the things you need to know.

1. Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Living with purpose will cost you to live out of your comfort zone. You will have to sacrifice your sleep, favourites in all aspect of life  got keep yourself in check sometimes to be able to achieve. You move away from all the reinforcements that may distract your journey of living with purpose.

2. Losing Friends and Sometimes Family: Living with purpose will cost you to lose most of your allies and friends, especially those that may be explicitly opposed to your new chosen journey. You lose bosom friends just because you’ve decided to be better. At the extreme cases, you may detach yourself from some familial relations you’ve accustomed to for years. No matter how difficult these instances may be – especially with letting go of some familial relationships, one his/her mind to let it go. You may need that space to concentrate on your growth.

3. You will be ridiculed: You will likely be mocked and laughed at for standing by your beliefs just because you’ve chosen to live a purposeful life. Some, in an attempt to dissuade you, will question your beliefs and even your capacity to accomplish that which you’ve set before you.

You will be orally abused in secret as well as in the open. What it takes in this instance is the highest level of discipline and maturity not to react. Retaliation should, as well, be out of mind.

To overcome all this hurdles in walking towards purpose, you will have to stand by your words at all times and be very mindful not to easily give in to pressure from within and without your purpose.

Learn to be a loner in your preparation season without kowtowing to pressure from choosing between families and loved ones. You will have to learn to be a man of few words and let time tell all about that there’s to know and the reason you toured that lane.

Self-defense in seasons of disparaging comments should not be a thing to ascribe to, no matter the pressure; for, it won’t make sense till purpose is achieved.

Learn to shake off abusive words right after they’ve been authored and move on. Do not allow such to get to you in anyway. For lack of the knowledge and appreciation of the full story, people will always run to a conclusion based on their perception of things.

Their conclusions, mere hypothesis, can only be proved either wrong or right with the advent of time.

Get close to genuine people who had treaded the lane you seek, for their advice to you can avoid a lot of impediments. This will however be contingent on your willingness to absorb and put into practice the actionable nuggets acquired from such graced persons.

No matter how much you lack, be sharp to notice deceit. Learn to walk in honesty; for your level of integrity during your time of need will determine your altitude in future.

Your integrity will be your pay cheque for many open doors through recommendations you may receive a result of divine favour and intervention.

Learn to walk with all men in peace like JESUS did and ask forgiveness for your enemies and naysayers. Let your heart be full of love for all, hatred for none. And it will give you so much peace of mind and light spirit to be able to jump every hurdle that you may come across.

Learn to celebrate your small victories as you await your bigger breakthroughs. For by so doing, you will be able to keep growing, for a heart full of gratitude attracts progress.

Above all, learn to give from your little even in your want; for, it will be that small seed that will die, germinate, grow and bare you fruit in due season.

And, please never forget to live within your means. It will go a long way to save you from a lot of distractions. Always walk with the notion that, IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME to get past this hurdle/season.

Always remember that no matter how difficult walking in purpose gets. Don’t forget that it always comes first before anything else. Keep in mind that you must finish the race for it’s worth all that takes to achieve it.

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