1. Jezebel knew how much power she possessed as a woman and used it to influence the life of her husband. Your influence in the life of your husband as a woman will determine his success nor his failure.

God did not put you in the life of that man just so you can eat and sleep but he placed you there as a significant force to nurture him, to encourage him, to defend him and to fight for him.
Madam, if Jezebel, who was a witch, could use her witchcraft to manipulate and secure things in favor of her husband, then I don’t know why as a child of God, you’re sitting down and doing nothing about your husband’s situation including the atmosphere around your home.

Unfortunately, there are some of you who are lost and are not even in charge of anything as far as your homes are concerned because it’s either some of you don’t know your spiritual responsibility pertaining to the home or it’s pure negligence. Yet all you know how to do, is to nag and whine all day amidst insults and anger which prolly doesn’t solve anything in the end.

WOMAN, it’s high time you take your place of power and wear the garment of authority and begin to implore God over every situation that confronts your husband while you demand an end to whatever has invaded your home.

Unbelievably, when Naboth refused to give his vineyard to King Ahab, he became sullen and sulked himself to bed. He couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he has been disappointed as a king.
Ahab’s attitude in this scenario depicts a weak or vitiated MAN yet, when he told Jezebel his wife what has happened, she did not castigate him or called him a failure instead she promised to claim the vineyard for him without Ahab having no knowledge about how Jezebel was going to make it happen. Please be a smart woman!

WOMAN, understand that a man cannot be strong all the time and sometimes the only strength your husband would ever have is YOU therefore learn to stand by him and don’t be quick to condemn him even if he’s failed.

God did not make you a judge over him to condemn him but a support system to keep him running. Also, it will invariably take your strength, your encouragement coupled with your prayers as a woman to keep him on his feet regardless of what he may be going through.

However, Jezebel promised to get Naboth’s vineyard for her husband and truly she did.
Once again, My question to you WOMAN is…. what are you doing about your husband’s state?
How much effort are you willing to put in to make it happen?
Are you a support system for your husband or a judge over him?

If Jezebel could use her witchcraft to possess someone’s vineyard for her husband, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for with your Bible in your hand…go and posses victory for your husband….

Akosua Akoto

I love you, but JESUS loves you more!!!




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