Women are mostly associated with envy and jealousy among themselves. It is even said that women are thier own enemies. Which shouldn’t be so.

GOD has endowed us with great and unique strengths for special kinds of exploits that, nothing shall hinder your jurisdiction as a woman if you focus.

But we have allowed the enemy to deceive us to fight among ourselves in every way that is rather tearing us apart instead of building.

One woman’s house is on fire because of another woman. Another’s extended family is in pain because he married a woman who has become a torn in the flesh of the other women in the family . The saddest scenario is with the young women of today.
Some totally become wild dogs after marrying the men. They see all women around him as a threat. And openly wage war when there’s actually cause for alarm.The man you married knew other women as aunties, sisters, mothers etc before he got to know you. And must be accepted as such, except in some situations that actually calls for attention and solutions.

My dear women, I’m not blaming us for all our challenges. The point I’m trying to make is about we realising that we are our own keepers. And so we must treat ourselves as such.
We must learn to encourage, strengthen and build ourselves up. We must not be our own enemies to tear ourselves apart.

It’s amazing how far a group of women can go in unity and in strength without any sort of contention amongst them.

I believe if we are able to get all our acts together as women to sing the same chorus, Our men will have no room to misbehave in any negative manner to our discomfort.

I pray for that grace to cause us all to see the bigger picture and work towards it.

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God bless all women…

I love you, but JESUS loves you more!

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